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This is MomsBloom.

MomsBloom resets the expectation meter for parents and recognizes that the goal is not for mom to be superwoman. The goal is not to be a perfect parent. The goal is to have healthy, well-adjusted moms and dads who can raise their children using their individual skills as well as the knowledge and support of the broader community. Every day MomsBloom is preventing child abuse, postpartum depression, family stress and more. MomsBloom is volunteer-driven and we rebuild a sense of community by connecting people to each other. Learn More!

BRAINS and MomsBloom have aligned in supporting families during pregnancy and the postpartum period. BRAINS understands the long-term implications for neurobehavioral and mental health that come from well supported pregnancies and postpartum periods. The support of BRAINS helps everyone achieve the best mental health and behavioral outcomes.

For more information about BRAINS please call (616) 365-8920 or visit: www.brainspotential.com



MomsBloom is an investment in prevention. Your donation, big or small, will help keep our programs running. Our vounteer-based program gives families the support they need to adjust to their newborn in a healthy way. Donate safely through Network for Good or contact us for other ways to donateThank you!


The next volunteer training is scheduled for Thursday, December 4 and Monday, January 12 (2015) 6:30-8 at BRAINS. Click HERE to learn more and to register.

Self-Care Prescription Campaign announced on Take Five and Company on WZZM 13 on July 17th! Official launch is coming in September 2014. Read the details HERE.

Join us for an 8-Week Mindful Parenting Course, brought to you by MomsBloom and BRAINS. Click HERE for more information.


THE RESULTS ARE IN: Momsbloom has been honored with one of the first Top-Rated Awards of 2014 from GreatNonprofits. We appreciate all of your reviews!

MomsBloom’s story is on NBC. Please take a few minutes to watch here.

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